Scar Treatment for Liposuction

Scar Treatment for Liposuction

While many decide to undergo liposuction to feel confident in their body, one of the unfavorable results of this confidence-enhancing surgery is scar formation where the incision was made—an outcome most patients are understandably unhappy with. Though impossible to remove entirely, a scar can be significantly diminished by the treatment procedure performed by a specialist at Alora Health Spa. We apply proven techniques to dramatically enhance the appearance of scarring by thinning out the buildup of collagen fibers and making them less visible.

Our treatment plans are performed by industry-certified technicians trained with the latest techniques to help you get the results you’re looking for.

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How Does Scar Treatment for Liposuction Work?

Liposuction scar treatment can be done using various non-invasive LED devices to target the scar without damaging the surrounding skin and tissue. LED Therapy is generally followed by a topical treatment plan where you’ll be responsible for applying a cream, gel, or serum to your scar for a prescribed time frame. Our certified technicians are trained to determine the best treatment option for your scar and skin type to achieve optimal results.

To learn more about the devices we use and what a treatment plan will look like for you, we welcome you to call our spa.

How Soon Will You Notice Results?

Our light devices are designed to target the inner fibers of the scar, stimulating the breakdown of collagen buildup. Due to this targeted approach, you may notice results just a few days following the procedure.

Most patients will require a multi-session treatment plan to achieve optimal results because liposuction scars tend to be thick. When you sit with one of our technicians, they’ll analyze your scar to determine how many sessions will be necessary and how soon you’ll see improvement.

What Is the Recovery Time for Liposuction Scar Treatment?

Generally speaking, a liposuction scar treatment procedure has little to no recovery time. You may experience mild swelling and redness in the treated area, which is temporary and will subside in one or two days. We encourage you to keep your scar covered and away from the sun while healing from treatment to avoid sun damage.

Meet Our Team of Licensed Professionals

When you choose Alora Health Spa for liposuction scar treatment, you can expect to achieve the results you’re hoping for. Our team of licensed professionals is trained in various scar treatment procedures and how to apply them to different skin tones. As a team dedicated to your satisfaction, we stay updated with industry changes and advancements which means you’ll have access to the most effective treatment options in the medical market.

Find Out More About Scar Treatment for Liposuction

While scars are permanent, many effective treatment options can help significantly reduce their appearance. Alora Health Spa offers various non-invasive procedures that will produce noticeable results after the first appointment with little-to-no downtime. Our light therapy devices are designed to help your scar flawlessly blend in with the surrounding skin, making it almost impossible to notice.

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